Space Dog Collar
Space Dog Collar
Space Dog Collar

Space Dog Collar

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All Dog Drool Designs items are handmade with love. All collars and leashes are made with heavy duty hardware and webbing, making them durable and fashionable! 

Make sure you measure correctly when ordering a collar. If the measurements are wrong, we assume no responsibility if the collar does not fit. So please measure twice to be sure!

▪EXTRA SMALL: 5/8" wide collars are for tiny pups (neck sizes 10"-13”)
▪SMALL: 3/4" wide collars are small pups (neck sizes 11”-14”)
▪MEDIUM: 3/4" or 1" wide collars are for medium breeds (neck sizes 13"-18")
▪LARGE: 1" wide collars are for medium to large breeds (neck sizes 15"-22")
▪EXTRA LARGE: 1.5” wide collars are for large breeds (neck sizes 18"-26") 

The easiest way to measure is to take your dog’s current collar and measure buckle to buckle but do not include the “male” end where the buckles overlap.

Another way to measure your dog's neck is by using a cloth measuring tape positioned where the collar would normally sit. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, try using a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler. Add approximately one to two inches to this measurement (less for toy or smaller breeds). You should be able to slide two fingers under the measuring tape. All collars are adjustable so we will make your pets new collar adjust slightly smaller and larger than the neck measurement you selected. If you need any assistance measuring, please let us know BEFORE you place your order.

*Since all products are handmade, exact pattern placement will vary.

Be a responsible pet owner and make sure to periodically check any collars, leashes and harnesses for wear and tear. It is solely your responsibility to determine if the collar/leash is appropriate for your pet. Although Dog Drool Design’s collars and leashes are made with high quality materials, no collar/leash is everlasting.