Meet The Team

Say "hello" to our Dog Drool Models. These models put our products to the test and help us promote sales and share their beautiful photography with us.
Our story starts 2 years ago when I was walking down the isles of the Utah Humane Society when I passed this 3 year old nugget laying in his kennel. One look at him and I knew that this fuzzball was mine. I didn't even take him out to meet him. I went up to the front desk, signed my life away and we started our new life together. They brought him out to me and the first thing he did was hump me. I knew right then and there this dude was going to be a handful.
His name at the shelter was "Sexy Sexy" and I was definitely not keeping that. I did what every single dog owner does, Google "Boy dog names", and they all didn't fit. So I decided to stop thinking about it and went about my night. I opened up my freezer to eat some ice cream and there it was, a bottle of Jägermeister. I said "Jäger" out-loud and his cute little ears perked up and I knew that it was a perfect fit. 
I started Jäger's Instagram as a way for all my Utah friends and family to stay connected and see all the crazy things we are doing and to not flood my Facebook feed of my dog, but lets be honest, I still post about him every day. haha I never in my wildest dreams would've thought that we would have more than 25 thousand followers. 
Jäger is one of a kind. He is the sassiest thing on this planet. He lets me know when when I've missed dinner time, when he needs to go outside, if I'm not giving him enough attention, if I'm giving him too much attention, if he wants to go hiking, if he doesn't want a bath, or if he is ready for a treat. This dude just doesn't shut up and i wouldn't have it any other way, my neighbors on the other hand probably want me to move out. haha. 
Jäger has changed my life for the better and I can't wait to see where our life together goes. I'm so thankful for my little Sasshole. ♥
This is Frankie and Storm. Frankie is a blue eyed husky/boxer mix. Her favorite things to do are run as fast as she can, bike and hike for miles and miles. Plus she's an amazing model. Storm is a husky learning the ways of a model. She also enjoys getting out and exploring on a good hike.
Hi Everyone!  We our proud to be a part of the Dog Drool team!  We are two energetic and fun loving pomskies (1/2 husky, 1/2 Pomeranian ). Aspen will kiss ya to death and Nanook will leap into your arms.  We live up by the Canadian border in WA state. 
From neglected & sickly to spoiled & healthy! 
Remmy the Australian Cattle Dog was rescued on February 25th, 2015 & has completely done a 180! He was very timid, underweight, had infections & worms, no experience living indoors & was terrified of other animals & people. Now he lives the good life running around with his dog friends at the dog park, lazing about on the couch, eating high quality food & treats, getting all the loves he can from people he meets. He's such a happy dog! All he needed was some love. He brings so much joy & laughter to our household. I couldn't imagine life without him now. He's such a goofball & I swear he has the biggest most genuine smile. 
He's proud to be a part of the Dog Drool Designs team! He could use a little work on his modeling skills though, getting him to sit still & look at me sometimes is a challenge haha!
Illiasviel Von Einsbern was born June 6th, 2015. She turned 8 weeks old exactly on my 21st birthday when I got to bring her home. It was a perfect match. 
She is definitely not your typical female Siberian Husky although she has her diva moments just like the rest of us haha. 
Her favorite things include playing fetch & bringing back the toy, playing at the dog park, training time (because she'll do whatever you want for food!), pestering her brother Remmy & her cat brother Cosmo, woo-ing at me & modeling. 

She's starting to become a pro at modeling since she knows if she sits still for the photos she gets lots of yummy treats! She is proud to be a part of the Dog Drool Designs team where she can represent some of her best buds & their amazing products!